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By Kay Lockett on January 25, 2011 11:32 AM |


Get the look: Daniel Craig

It was revealed last week that the 23rd Bond film has been given the go ahead with buff Daniel Craig ready to step into the shoes of Bond again.

How she does it: A five-day-a week gym habit is what's required to achieve the 007 physique. To get into shape for Casino Royale, Daniel Craig spent two months in the gym transforming himself into a lean, mean fighting machine. He worked out each day, Monday to Friday, for 45 minutes per session, taking only the weekend off to rest.

Do it for yourself: During Daniel's 45 minute weights sessions he performed a variety of moves using resistance equipment such as barbells and dumbbells, but he also used his own body weight too for moves like press-ups, pull-ups, back extensions and crunches. Much of his workout included basic compound moves (those which recruit multiple muscle groups) such as the bench press, dead lifts, squats and shoulder presses. These tried and tested moves are often shunned nowadays in favour of those which use fancy cable machines and vibrating platforms. The biggest, buffest guys you see in the gym will most probably be sticking to the very basics: time-honoured traditional moves like these, using high weights for low rep sets. And like those big guys, it shouldn't be overlooked that Mr Craig also paid very close attention to what he ate too...

My colleagues and I are having an argument about what the cross trainer actually does, and whether it's better for burning off fat than the running machine.

Research undertaken at the University of Missouri-Columbia states that "the physiological responses associated with elliptical exercises are nearly identical to treadmill exercises", and that "both exercise machines are effective for increasing the amount of calories burned and for producing cardio respiratory health and training benefits...".

Put simply, they do the same thing, calorie-burn and fitness wise. The most up-to-date research has found that the lack of impact on your joints when using the cross trainer means that while you're burning the same number of calories as the treadmill, you'll feel like it's requiring less effort although the cross trainer probably works your upper body more.

Sleeper of the Week
The Yantra Mat is a textured mat consisting of 8,820 acupressure points, which the manufacturers claim are calibrated to provide equal pressure at all points. This will help to relieve stress and enable you to get a good night's sleep (apparently)., £29.90


Tim said:

That looks like an incredible mat, I have to get one!

I thought I found the coolest mats ever at , but this one is aweome too!