Book Review: Self help titles

By Kay Lockett on January 13, 2011 2:30 PM |


Live Your Dreams: Ten Secrets to Loving Your Life
Geoff Thompson

Self-improvement guru and award-winning screenwriter Geoff Thompson aims to encourage you to take control of your fears.

Martial arts expert, self-improvement guru and award-winning screenwriter Geoff Thompson aims to encourage you to take control of your fears and harness your talents.

One for the guys, this book provides information on emotional, spiritual and practical tools with which to go kick butt.

Drawing on his own, very interesting, personal experiences from life in a bedsit to becoming a bestseller, Thompson introduces you to scientific and cultural techniques to help banish negativity and enable you to achieve your goals.

His story is inspiring stuff - from beating the school bullies, to becoming a nightclub bouncer to pursuing his dream of becoming a writer.

Great advice for a confidence boost for those who feel stuck in a rut.

Master Your Inner Critic
Melanie Greene
Summerdale £8.99

That negative voice - telling you that you are not good enough - can be banished to the bin thanks to this book from a chartered occupational psychologist who aims to transform your thoughts.

Sharing her 20 years of experience the author takes you step-by step through how to celebrate your strengths and to recognise the positive.

Simple and practical advice with lots of quotes from great thinkers, easy to dip in to at any page and pick out some inspirational wisdom.

All at bit philosophical and a few strange illustrations but a well rounded pick-me-up read for when you need a reminder why your life is not all that bad.

Sections on how to be your own agony aunt, releasing your fun inner child and how to turn these ideas into action so you can become wiser and more positive in 2011.

De-Stress Diva's Guide To Life
Ruth Klein
John Wiley & Sons

Enter De-stress Diva, Ruth Klein - a life coach, speaker and author - who has compiled the advice she has given millions into this slightly cheesy 236 page book.

It details 77 ways you can remove daily stress to recharge, refocus and reorganise your life, with daily aspirations to follow such as "Today I will look for the gift each person has to offer me" and "I love and accept myself just the way I am".

Topics such as the impossible boss and how to start your work day stress-free, offer some interesting tips such as meditating at your desk and lunch time Tai Chi - entertaining for your colleagues if nothing else.

This book is very American and I'm not sure it will convince us uptight Brits to chill out.
But the sections on nutrition, exercise and reflexology offer some sound and practical advice.

New You Boot Camp
Sunny Moran and Jacqui Cleaver
Collins & Brown

This fitness bible boasts that it can help you drop a dress size in just two weeks by altering your attitude to your body and diet.

The training advice, recipes, exercise plan and nutrition guidance is very easy to follow with photographs and simple instructions. I'm not sure I have time in my life to follow the plan strictly though.

The book is based upon the military style weight loss camps that are popular with celebrities fighting the flab showing you how to recreate the experience at home.
I like that there are no gimmicks or quick fixes here - just clear cut advice on how to fit exercise into your life that get results fast.

Other than the gruelling workouts, there is a great low fat cocktail list, healthy dinner party menus and achievable goals.

More of a body blitz than a mental makeover.

Get A Grip: Your Two-Week Mental Makeover

Dr Belisa Vranich
John Wiley & Sons

This book claims that after reading you will know yourself better than ever before. Using a combination of tough love and therapeutic techniques the author aims to help you change your life in just 14 days.

This is a bit far fetched and no matter how good the advice I did not feel transformed.
I found the text rather clinical - no surprise there really as this is written by a psycho-logist. Reading this book felt like a counselling session with sections like "So... tell me about your childhood".

The idea of writing a daily journal to offload your thoughts and fears is something that I will take away from Dr Belisa Vranich - helping me to put my rants down on paper rather than venting my anger at loved ones.

Funky cover art and gripping title though.