Life coach helps clients fulfil ambitions

By Kay Lockett on December 16, 2010 1:56 PM |

bb-Dec16-Kay'sAura.jpg True success can only be achieved when you are doing something well suited to your talents and passions, at least according to life coach Joy Watkins who uses aura readings to help empower people to fulfil their dreams.

American born Joy, 45, lives in Stratford where she runs her aura reading and life coaching business, Joyasha, visiting clients across London.

She said: "I believe that good health comes from balanced living and emotional healing. We want to help inspire people and businesses toward lasting and beneficial change."

Joy started giving palm readings for fun when she was 12 years old. She worked in retail and catering management before owning her own business. She has worked in many fields including neuro linguistic programming, numerology, colour therapy, palmistry, tarot, and psychometry.

She then discovered the aura imaging equipment she uses today, which she said offers clients the chance to see for themselves why their lives are not going according to plan.

Joy said: "I found the biosensor equipment in 2002 and I felt it really showed people simply what first went wrong and gave them something concrete to work on.

"I began to set up a programme to help them achieve real lasting change. And it was working. I was getting feedback that I was able to encourage people toward changes that made the difference between living the life they wanted rather than living the life they were given.

"People were changing careers, buying homes, starting businesses, and finding real loving relationships. They were seeing they had the power to change and once they got a taste of it they were going wild with it.

"It always feels good helping others. It inspires me everyday to see people become happier and to think I had some small part to play in it. I am very lucky to have a job that I love and feel passionate about and want to help others find that.


"My clients are really from everywhere and of every type. I have given readings for celebrities like Daisy Lowe to team building days for huge companies like BUPA.

"So many of us fall into a job rather than give great thought to a career and future. The vast majority are working for money and truly hate their job.

"I have never seen someone take the risk to follow their dream and not be happy they have done it."

My Reading
Joy hooked me up to the biosensor to give me an aura reading. I had my reservations as I'm not sure where my beliefs lie with alternative therapies, but I was open to her methods.

I found the reading scarily accurate as I felt she knew things about my past and personality that I have never told anyone. Her statements were not generalisations that could be interpreted to mean something to everyone. Instead, she said the colours that were revealed from my energy centres told her about specific traumas in my life and resultant issues that have arisen from them. We then discussed how I can overcome my fears and work towards a more balanced life.

There will be sceptics as aura readings are part science and part belief system. Joy said the aura was the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body and every organism and object in the universe. She said its colour and energy centres could be read and interpreted.

If anything the session made me think about my goals and aspects of my life I would like to improve - such as making more time for fun and looking after myself and not to carry everyone else's problems on my own shoulders.

Prices start at £45 for individual readings. For team building days a full day is usually around £300.

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