Fitzpatrick: Children will pay for spending cuts

By Jon Massey on November 1, 2010 2:08 PM |

By Jim Fitzpatrick


So now we know that children will pay more to reduce the national deficit than the banks.

To rousing cheers from Tory MPs, the Chancellor announced the deepest cuts to the public realm for decades. Tens of thousands of families on child benefit will see their income cut by up to thousands of pounds.

The social housing budget is being slashed and future tenants expected to pay 80 per cent of market rents.

This means young people locally have been advised to pack their bags and move to outer London.

Women, people with disabilities, and the poor, will be hardest hit by the Comprehensive Spending Review announced by George Osborne.

The Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) has explained that this is not a "progressive" strategy, as the ConDems have claimed.

Locally we will see a bigger impact of the cuts than many parts of the UK.

There was some good news, for example Crossrail (no details yet), Green Investment Bank, and protection for the science budget - but far out-weighed by the bad and sad news.

We now have an elected executive Mayor in Tower Hamlets.

The dreadful statistic of a 25 per cent turnout so soon after the 63 per cent at the General Election, is very disappointing.

Politics will continue to be very interesting locally.

- Jim Fitzpatrick is MP for Poplar and Limehouse