Carlton Cole - West Ham need to play ugly to win

By Simon Hayes on November 24, 2010 4:11 PM |

Carlton Cole125.jpgCarlton Cole is pleading for West Ham to start "playing ugly" as the Irons' relegation worries deepen.

The Hammers' anaemic display against Liverpool last Saturday has left them with just one Premier League win in 14 outings this season.

Striker Cole believes a change in playing style is needed if they are to escape relegation.

He said: "We need to change attitudes. We should play like Bolton. They are getting results. Play like Bolton, play like Stoke. Hit it long, stop all the pretty stuff.

"We try and play great football, but right now we need to get results. Next game I want to play ugly. Ugly is the way forward for us now. Play it long, I'll try and put my head on it. Let's try and make something work from that.

"I don't want to play pretty football any more because it's not getting us the results."

Cole, 27, was visibly upset after the Irons winless run stretched to eight games. He admitted morale is rock bottom in the Irons' camp, and he's frustrated at the lack of goalscoring opportunities which have seen him hit the net just once this season.

Criticism of Avram Grant's insistence on playing with a lone striker was implicit.

He said: "We are deflated, everyone's deflated. I had just one cross toady. Apart from that I had nothing, and as a striker that's starvation, that's famine. What am I supposed to work on?

"I didn't get a sniff. When we changed to 4-4-2 I felt more comfortable because someone was up there with me and I felt we were starting to get on the ball a little bit more. We started to try and make something happen.

"But then I got taken off. They would rather I stood up there on my own, trying to make nothing happen. The game plan was for me to stay as the longest person away from everybody and try and hit me on the diagonal or something.

"But we weren't even doing that. It went out of the window and we didn't have a plan B."