Full weekend closure for Blackwall crossing

By Rob Virtue on October 11, 2010 12:58 PM |


The Blackwall Tunnel will have its last full weekend of closure to southbound traffic for 2010.

The cross river link will undergo maintenance this Friday at 9pm and reopen on Monday at 5am. Road users can take the Rotherhithe Tunnel, which is only open to southbound traffic, while those going north can still use the Blackwall Tunnel.

This was the measure used in the last full weekend closure in July. Alternative river crossings, such as Tower Bridge, the Woolwich Ferry and the Dartford Crossing will also be operating.

The works completed so far have seen the installation of new ventilation fans in two of the tunnel's four shafts and the installation of temporary lighting, CCTV cameras and communications systems.

Garrett Emmerson, Chief Operating Officer for London Streets, TfL, said: "We apologise for the delays and inconvenience that this closure will inevitably cause. Our contractor, BAM Nuttall, will be working 24 hours a day over the weekend to minimise this disruption. However, I would urge drivers to avoid the area if they can."


MP said:

"ventillation vans" - What's that?