Reign of a dancing queen

By Kay Lockett on September 23, 2010 11:35 AM |


Dancing queen Amanda Bell will be paying tribute to Abba anthems at Indigo2 on September 24. Now in its 17th year Thank You For The Music is back to celebrate the Swedish popstars' 40th anniversary.

Bell, who plays Frida in the show, said: "Everyone from hip-hop to opera fans enjoys a good old Abba song.

"When you bung Dancing Queen on at the end of the night everybody will get up and dance."

Work as a choreographer took Bell all over the world. However, performance work was bolstering her income and the shows were getting bigger.

Tours with the likes of The Rocky Horror Show and Grease led to playing Frida in a number of West End shows.

She has been performing the role in Thank You For The Music for the past two years.

She said: "I'm a natural red-head and look like Frida and now my singing voice naturally sounds like her.

"We sing the words with a slight Swedish accent but it can't be too over the top as it would sound like we are taking the mickey. It's about celebrating the music rather than trying to imitate them exactly."

Bell lived in Greenwich for three years and used to get the bus or lifts with friends to The O2 when she performed there last year.

Bell said: "Mamma Mia the musical and the recent film of it have helped Abba grow even more in popularity, and time and time again an Abba Gold type album will come out and I think the music will always be popular. It's just classic disco.

"We perform around 20 songs and it is a really feel-good fun show.

"The first record I owned was an Abba album - my Gran and Grandad bought it for me - I was a fan but I didn't follow the fashions or anything.

"My favourite song to perform is Money, Money, Money - technically it is the perfect format for a pop song.

"It has a low range which is great for me as I naturally have quite a low voice, and it's good fun to sing - you can really give it some balls."

Also featured in the show are tribute band Bee Gees Magic, who will perform a selection of hits by the Gibb brothers.

September 24, 8pm, from £22.60, 0844 844 0002,, Tube: North Greenwich