On the rebound

By Louisa Emery on September 1, 2010 9:23 AM |

EE-aug26-rebound142.JPGWhen is a gym not a gym? When it is Frame dance, fitness and holistic club.

The centre in Shoreditch runs 220 classes a week and does not take itself too seriously. Workouts include Bend It Like Barbie, Jane Fonda Tribute and Kiwi Butt Lift.

Co-founder Joan Murphy said: "We liken ourselves to a five-a-side football team. Lots of people come to a class then go across the road for a pizza. They feel they can because they have done something good first."

Located in a renovated car park, Frame looks more like a loft style dance studio than a typical gym.

Unlike the gym, you don't have to sign up to an annual contract if you don't want to. You can pay as you go from £8 a class or get discounted prices with the fitness equivalent to an Oyster, a top-up Frame Card.

Joan said: "Some people come here once a week and do two classes and some come every other day. A lot of people come just because it makes them feel happy.
"It is not as prescriptive as the gym."

The studio offers Cardio Quickie classes for those short on time and I gave Rebounding a try for myself before I headed off to work.

I have a rebounder, a low mini-trampoline. I bought it years ago in an effort to combat the university-fuelled beer bulge and found it spent more time as a bedside table.

It now lives in the loft with my sister's ab cruncher that earned its keep as a clothes horse. After this class I might just dig it out.

Rebounding promises all the benefits of running for your heart, lungs and muscles without the impact on your legs. There is also no risk of rain.

Classes at Frame may have light hearted names but if this one is anything to go by, they provide serious workouts.


Beginning with a gentle jog on the rebounder, instructor Pip soon had the class sweating with a relentless aerobics style routine boosted by intermittent sprints.

Bouncing and stretching takes co-ordination but all the first timers, including myself, appeared to get the hang of it quickly.

Set to music, and with no time for breaks, the half hour flew by and by the end I felt I was ready to step down.

Rebounding is a great all over body workout. It is really good fun and a great alternative to some of the more traditional fat burning classes.

It is also beneficial for lymphatic drainage, so effectively get two for the price of one with a cardio workout and additional cellulite busting.

Quickie Cardio Rebounding is free for members, £6 with a Frame Card or £8 as a drop in.
Call 0207 0331855 or go to moveyourframe.com for more information.


Mary ann said:


Just enquriing if you still do rebounding classes and if so how much and the schedule.

Thanks mary ann