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By Louisa Emery on August 25, 2010 1:33 PM |

Tomorrow Morning, Eels
E Works, £8.99

You know what you're getting with Eels and if that is what you like, the Tomorrow Morning is not going to disappoint.

More melancholic, navel gazing from the band that have gently nudged out more albums than the majority of their most prolific contemporaries.

Holding tight to the maxim if it ain't broke, don't fix it, Eels have managed to once again achieve predictable without being dull.

Skimming over Tomorrow Morning, it does sound like the introspective US indie stalwarts might just be turning their frowns upside down.

Spectacular Girl has a placidly upbeat Mark Everett echoing the magic of Beautiful Freak. The timeless album that spawned the band's best known material, most memorably Novocaine For The Soul and Susan's House can clearly be heard in this ballad of adoration. Tomorrow Morning, the third in the musical trilogy that includes Hombre Lobo and End Times is based around the theme of redemption.

Maybe that is why uncommonly energetic Looking Up is filled with gospel claps.
For a band who have frolicked on the fringes of the big time since the mid-'90s, they look set to continue free wheeling until the wheels fall off.

Fingers crossed that's no time soon because the music industry, currently saturated with gimmicky acts and textbook time wasters, could really do with more from the pipe and slippers of alt rock.