Council has feel of a new school term

By Jon Massey on June 9, 2010 11:52 AM |

By Tim Archer

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Tower Hamlets Town Hall has re-opened for business after the local elections and there is the feel of a new school term about the place.

The new Labour administration in the Town Hall has wasted no time at all in pushing out the scare stories that the new Government in Westminster will spell disaster for Tower Hamlets.

They have conveniently forgotten that it was the last Labour government that got us all into this financial mess.

Interestingly, the belt-tightening that's needed has got nothing to do with central government and everything to do with a lack of financial prudence by Labour locally.

Starting in 2010/2011 the council has a £54million budget deficit.

To put that into context, Council Tax would have to go up by almost 30 per cent a year for the next three years to fill a gap that large.

The job of the council needs to be to get its spending within its means, cut the waste while protecting front-line services and start engaging with the Government to secure the best for our borough.

The Conservatives, as the official opposition in Tower Hamlets, are ready and willing to work with the Labour-run council to achieve this, but Labour need to come clean on the cause of the problems locally.

- Tim Archer is Blackwall & Cubitt Town Ward