Madonna keen on "Timberlike" Anthony

aa-jul30-timberlike142.jpgMany people fantasise about what it might be like to live the celebrity lifestyle but for one man it has become a reality.

As you can tell from the picture Anthony Whitehead bears more than a passing resemblance to pop superstar Justin Timberlake, and has carved out a career for himself as a professional lookalike as, er, Justin Timberlike.

He is putting his talents to good use next month when he takes part in an event in aid of Richard House children's hospice, for which he is an ambassador. Anthony, who works in Surrey Quays, lifted the lid on the life of a lookalike.

He said: "It's great being a double. You get to meet celebrities and go to places you'd never normally visit. And the celebrities themselves always say how lucky we are because we can enjoy a taste of their lives without the hassle."

aa-jul30-timberlike1.jpgThe pinnacle of Anthony's double life came last year when he helped the American singer on his collaboration with Madonna for the video of Four Minutes. Filmed at a secret location in East London it proved to be quite an experience.

"That was amazing," said Anthony. "My job was basically to stand in for Justin while they sorted out the lighting and things like that but I got to talk to both him and Madonna.

"In fact, Madonna kept putting her arm round me to tease Justin by saying I was cuter than him. It was a fantastic experience."

Anthony, 28, fell into the lookalike business by accident, after friends kept telling him he was a dead ringer for the Sexyback singer. Five years ago he entered ITV show Stars And Their Doubles where he faced-off against over 700 other lookalikes. He won, earning a trip to Las Vegas as well as a new career as Timberlike.

He said: "That was weird. One minute I had a normal life, the next I was mixing in the company of celebrities, all because I look like someone. I went to Earls Court in 2004 when Justin was performing and got mobbed by lots of girls, which was quite an experience."

Anthony has taken the lookaloke role a stage further by having singing and dancing lessons to enable him to put on Justin Timberlike shows.

He said: "I'm three months older than Justin and I plan to keep on doing this for as long as he continues with his career. I really enjoy it."

Anthony is taking part in a fundraising event in aid of Richard House children's hospice on September 12. Tickets are available, visit