Talent show producer to crack Indian TV


A former Big Break producer plans to launch one of the world's largest TV talent shows in India.

Docklands resident John McGee is travelling east this month to supervise the production of Hollywood Dreams, which offers hopefuls the chance to win six months chasing their dream in Los Angeles.

John said: "It's a talent show with a difference.

"The prize is extraordinary. It's six months in America with a work visa, a top agent, and training in singing, music and dancing.

"We've had 70million phone calls and 30million applications for the show.

"The heats are going to be great. There are dancers, singers, a snake charmer and even a guy who juggles animals.

"We're going to find some very talented people out there, and they'll have to be good to get to Hollywood."

Hollywood Dreams is just one of the shows that John's company R U Productions is creating for the Indian market, including a soap and an interactive game show combining bingo, noughts and crosses and lotto.

He said: "I'm going over there for the shooting of the first shows to make sure it's of the quality we want it to be. Once we're happy with the crew out there, there are very talented producers involved that will just get on with it."

Here in England, he is also lining up a wacky snooker gameshow starring three-time world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan, called Step Up To The Rocket.

A quartet of contestants are to be paired up with four professional snooker players, and will draw on skill and knowledge to make it to the final stage.

The format is also expected to be picked up elsewhere in the world, in countries such as China.

He said: "There's going to be a lot of skill involved, but it's all slapstick, silly stuff.

"Ronnie O'Sullivan is like the David Beckham of snooker. He's admired all over the world and is a huge star."

John talked to The Wharf two years ago when he was helping to market an electronic "cigarette" smokers could use to beat the ban indoors.

The e-cig looks like a cigarette, but works like an asthma inhaler to allow the user to get a nicotine hit with no tobacco, tar or harmful chemicals.

He initially worked the stage as a stand-up comedian for 30 years, supporting acts such as Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey. As a producer, he was one of the men behind shows such as Big Break, Trump Card and Bob's Full House.


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