Marsh Wall DLR closure to run until September?


Roadworks around South Quay DLR station are now likely to continue until September.

Transport for London announced last January that the westbound lane of Marsh Wall would be closed for about 18 months for the construction of a new three-car-friendly station.

While the company is still pushing for a "late summer" opening for both the road and the new station, it is expected that neither will be fully open for around three months, leaving businesses concerned over loss of trade.

The DLR's head of development and planning Rob Niven told The Wharf that moving the stop 200m east would "bring more people closer to the station".

He said: "It was always going to be late summer but now we're further on with progress of construction, September is the target and we're very much on track for that at the moment.

"Much of the steelwork is in place and it's looking much more like a station than it did three months ago."

The news has frustrated businesses south of the station, which claim the work has cost them customers.


Aboud Grimestry, of Millharbour's Lebanese restaurant Byblos Harbour, said: "There's no footfall going this way.

"People tend to go along the other bank of the dock, as the footpath is closed by construction. And because of the one-way system, people get lost. So many customers have said that even when they look up the address and postcode, they still can't work out how to get here.

"There needs to be some signage at the top of the road saying which businesses are down here. It would help a great deal."

Barbaro Hapova, manager of the Puzzle Saint Ontiod pub on Pepper Street, unveiled the new retro-style watering hole a few months ago, but has heard regulars complain of the disruption.


She said: "Delivery vehicles often have to go around the whole of Canary Wharf and through the Limehouse Link to get to us because of the one-way system.

"We hoped this was going to be finished soon. People in the offices have been saying it's been a nightmare, especially in the rush hour.

"We've been told it's going to improve links, but right now its difficult."

Mohamed Kali, manager of Newstop2000 on Marsh Wall itself, claims business is "20 to 30 per cent down" due to the works directly opposite his store.


He said: "It's very noisy because of the construction, and it's much more dusty, which is a problem because we sell food. Some people have to spend a long time circling back on the one-way system, and its difficult for people to stop to get deliveries in.

"They said it's going to last about 18 months, but I suspect it will be a bit longer. They have to start knocking down the old station once they've finished this one."

Companies such as printers Kall Kwik reported no disruption to their business, a view shared by neighbouring dry cleaners and newsagents in Harbour Exchange.

A TfL spokesman said: "It will not be possible to fully open Marsh Wall before construction of the new DLR South Quay station is completed. Until then, the construction site will continue to encroach on the road and so for safety reasons the westbound lane must remain closed.

"It is expected that South Quay station will open in late summer and Marsh Wall's westbound lane will open then. DLR will provide an update on this opening date as soon as possible.

"DLR apologises for the inconvenience caused and thanks motorists and local residents for their patience."


James said:

Quelle surprise, TFL/Tower Hamlets Council letting development works ride roughshod over the right of local people to use roads and route for which they pay their taxes. Is it me becoming old and grumpy or was there a time not so long ago where developers were expected to stay off the roads? It seems like all a developer has to do now is sugegst that they are building something and they get granted permission to close roads. The times I have seen lanes in roads closed in order for building materials and tools to strored is ridiculous!