VIDEO: Boris Johnson's narrow escape

By John Hill on May 22, 2009 6:27 PM |


Boris Johnson escaped injury in Narrow Street this morning when a truck's doors hooked a car and nearly dragged it into the path of his bike.

See the video below, or click here for the full story, exclusively revealed this afternoon at


Alex said:

A great truck driver ! driving that fast close to pedestrians and cyclists !

Nick said:

The driver seemed to speed up when to overtake the cyclists in NARROW Street.
The doors looked to have opened because he was going too fast over a hump.
I drive regularly myself but I hope I never needlessly endanger the lives of others like this idiot did.

Lee Cooper said:

If you cycle in London, then you take your life in your hands every day...

Nick C said:

There is such a thing as criminal stupidity

Bazza said:

Almost ruffled his hair.
Oh wait, that's Borris' default setting.

"I say, er er er er.. you almost er er er er killed me".

Best get a claim in for some new underwear, Boris.

velo droma said:

"Lee Cooper said:
If you cycle in London, then you take your life in your hands every day..."

You make it sound as if it's the cyclists who should be off the road...

Edwarde Sanspoisson said:

Curses! Foiled again!

I'll get you, Johnson!

Fidel C said:

I was there you want to have heard the live commentary on the matter one person said "Almost" another said "Just a bit sooner would have done it", a fellow pedestrian through a milk carton at the driver commenting that he was too slow at his job and some other harassment over his hair cut...
The truck driver just drove off. A truck should always be properly inspected before every journey. He looked like a Chelsea supporter.
Hope the trucks.... o and boris are ok

Anonymous said:

Oh! That poor man! I do hope he is okay. I want to give the poor boy a big hug now :( That Nasty lorry! It should have been watching itself, it could have seriously injured him! How dare it almost do that to such an important and nice guy!

Easy Lay said:

Looks like a scam to me. Fake!

Danilo said:

Boris Johnson, Mayor of Rome !!!!!!