Gun's TV chef creates roast (and yorkies) to remember


The traditional Sunday roast is as important to Brits as football and moaning about public transport.

But how do you create the perfect platter for your day of rest?

David George, chef at The Gun, will appear on TV tomorrow as part of a challenge to create the highest Yorkshire puddings. And the Reading-born 26-year-old has some interesting advice for those preparing the puds.

He said: "The mix is better at room temperature, so make it up in the morning and cook the puddings in the evening.

"Cook the oil and make sure it's hot before pouring in the mix, otherwise the puds will stick.

"I take the puddings out after about 25 minutes, turn them upside down and put them back in for a couple of minutes so that the oil drips out of them.

David will feature on UKTV Food's Market Kitchen at 7pm tonight (Friday). But his regular haunt is at the historic Coldharbour pub, where he helps create roasts for £15 between noon and 4pm on Sundays.

He said: "Every British chef likes to think their roast is the best.

"We use 28-day meat from the Dexter cow which we buy on the bone, and we also offer belly of pork and mutton from Cumbria. The potatoes have to be crispy, and you've got to have a nice gravy made from all the juices from the beef. It's all about your ingredients and your attention to detail. Everything is nicely seasoned and not too complicated."

David arrived at The Gun in December from a restaurant in Bow. But his previous assignment was whipping up fine cuisine for Lehman Brothers' directors in Canary Wharf.

He said: "It was real Michelin-standard cooking for directors and their clients using the finest ingredients.

"We had quite a bit of leeway, as we had people working there from around the world.

"We'd go for seasonal food. For example, when the first batch of strawberries came in, we'd create an entire menu with them, with dishes such as lobster with strawberries and duck with strawberries.

"I've been at The Gun for four months and it's just flown by. I like the history and it's got so much energy.

"A lot of our customers are bankers but they come here because they want a beer."

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