Newfoundland hotel bid returns

By John Hill on October 6, 2008 12:06 PM |


CANARY Wharf Group has upped its contributions to get the green-light for a hotel.

Subsidiary South Quay Properties is keen to build a 37-storey hotel dubbed Newfoundland to the west of the estate.

But Tower Hamlets Council deferred its application in August, asking for more cash for local services.
Newfoundland would feature 150 rooms, and 78 serviced apartments.

The company has now raised its Section 106 contribution from £915,284 to £1,115,284, including an additional £100,000 donation to the Isle of Dogs Community Foundation.

The council will take another look at the application on Thursday.


Denise collins said:


This is a wonderful did you choose the name Newfoundland?

Denise Colilins
Newfoundland, Canada